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Hit Zone Batting Tee Tips & Tricks!

There are a lot of fun and creative ways to get the most out of your
Hit Zone air tee.


Here Are Some Good Tips & Tricks To Get You Started


Try A Variety Of Balls!


A good way to get the look of different pitches is to have a variety of balls in your practice bucket.  Balls of different sizes and weights will act and react a little differently.  Just about any lighter weight training ball will work.

Be sure to buy a pack of Rawlings Curve Trainer foam training balls.  They have different grooves in the ball which makes the ball wiggle around in theair flow. The players really need to stay focused!  The mini foam balls also work well on the Jr and Deluxe model.


Feel free to experiment with all different types.  You're sure to find some fun ones!


Experiment With The Way You Put The Ball On To The Hit Zone


You can get several different effects by the way you place the the ball on to the air stream.


  • Try dropping the ball down into the air stream from about 8-10 inches above the sleeve. The ball will bounce up and down. Try and hit the ball while its bouncing!

  • Put a spin on the ball as you place it into the air stream. It really gets spinning.

  • Set the ball into the stream of air without putting a spin on it.  The ball will wiggle and move around without spinning - giving it the look of a knuckle ball.

Here's A Great Trick A Local Softball Coach Discovered!

Buy a bag of plastic "jump house balls" at Walmart.  They are light weight plastic colored balls. Pick out two different colored balls and put both of them at the same time into the air flow. Quickly move your hands and tell the player which color ball to hit.  The two balls will be moving around and often switching places with each other, so they are really going to have to concentrate to hit the ball.  They can then follow up and hit the other ball.

The 2 balls only stay on few a few seconds, so the player will need to be ready to swing quickly. It might take a little practice to get both balls floating together, but it is  pretty easy to do so.


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