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Youth Tennis Players Love Learning Tennis With
The Hit Zone Jr "Magic Machine"! 

Hit Zone Jr - Model HZ-T500 

The Hit Zone Jr is a great unit for kids in the 3-6 range. 2 Year olds love it too! The ball floats at about the right height for players in this age group. We also include a bonus 14.5 inch sleeve, so your player will be able to continue using the Jr unit as they get older.

The Jr model comes with 12 Gamma foam training balls. This ball works very well, they are inexpensive, and they are softer than a standard tennis ball. This unit also works well with the oversized foam training balls from Gamma or Penn. See examples below. It
will not hold a standard tennis ball.

The Hit Zone Jr only weighs about 5 pounds. It is light and compact, making it easy to bring up to the local courts. This is also a great model to practice at home with. You can set it up in the driveway, the garage, or the basement during the winter. It works well to buy a baseball or golf net that the player can hit into.

It operates on a standard 110V outlet. When using outside, be sure to use a GFI outlet.

When used by younger kids, adult
supervision is recommended.

Hit Zone Jr tennis training aid in action
Hit Zone Jr tennis training aid.

Includes A Dozen
Gamma Foam Balls!

Foam balls such as the Gamma Revolution  work well.  (Not Included)


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