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Youth Tennis Players Love Learning Tennis With
The Hit Zone Jr "Magic Machine"! 

Hit Zone Jr - Model HZ-T500 

The Hit Zone Jr is a great unit for kids in the 3-6 range. 2 Year olds love it too! The ball floats at about the right height for players in this age group. We also include a bonus 14.5 inch sleeve, so your player will be able to continue using the Jr unit as they get older.

The Jr model comes with 6 foam training balls. This ball works very well, they are inexpensive, and they are softer than a standard tennis ball. This unit also works well with the oversized foam training balls from Gamma or Penn. See examples below. It
will not hold a standard tennis ball.

The Hit Zone Jr only weighs about 5 pounds. It is light and compact, making it easy to bring up to the local courts. This is also a great model to practice at home with. You can set it up in the driveway, the garage, or the basement during the winter. It works well to buy a baseball or golf net that the player can hit into.

It operates on a standard 110V outlet. When using outside, be sure to use a GFI outlet.

When used by younger kids, adult
supervision is recommended.

Hit Zone Jr tennis training aid in action
Hit Zone Jr tennis training aid.

Includes 6
Foam Balls!

yellow foam non gamma.jpg

Foam balls such as the
Gamma Revolution  work well. 
(Not Included)


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