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Tennis Pros Around The World Love Teaching Their
Students With The Hit Zone Deluxe!


Hit Zone Deluxe W/ Variable Speed Control
Model T3-HZBV

The Hit Zone Deluxe air tee is a great unit for teams, camps, and training facilities. At the same time, a lot of parents buy this unit for the added power and flexibility the air volume control gives them.

The Deluxe unit has a 4 HP motor with a control knob that allows you to adjust the power of the air flow. The variable speed control allows you to use a variety of balls. A lot of coaches and teaching
pros use the over sized foam balls when working with young kids. You can turn the unit way down so it runs quieter. The Gamma foam training ball also works very well.

The Quick Start balls (except for the Red ball)and a standard tennis ball will work, but they are a little trickier because of the fuzz. It is best to use worn balls with less fuzz. You will also need to adjust the strength of the air flow based on the type of ball you are using. Kids check on real

As with the Standard unit, you can also change the height of the ball by using the bonus 14.5 inch sleeve in addition to the 9" sleeve that comes with your Hit Zone.

This unit weighs about 9 pounds.

Hit Zone Deluxe air tee training aid

Includes A Dozen Gamma Foam Balls & A Bonus 14" Sleeve

The Deluxe model is a great choice for teaching professionals. The Pros use 2 of them at the esteemed Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.

I recommend the Hit Zone for anyone who is looking to "groove" their ideal swing path and get a better understanding of what their body is doing during each swing."The Hit Zone has been fantastic with our kids! Both kids and pros alike love what it brings to the lessons and everyone is looking for a way to incorporate it into what they're doing. I recommend the HitZone for anyone who is looking to "groove" their ideal swing path and Get a better understanding of what their body is doing during each swing."

Elliott Pettit
Ten & Under Tennis Programs Lead
USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center

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