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Hit Zone Testimonials!
Baseball & Softball Testimonials
Tennis Testimonials

“I was introduced to the Hit Zone a few years back.  Even then I was intrigued about the benefits of having a ball in mid-air as opposed to sitting on a tee.  I have started to use Hit Zone with my son and other kids on his team.  Because the ball is moving and spinning, the focus required allows for a more realistic practice session.  One of the biggest benefits that I have seen is being able to see the "whole" ball.  By being able to see the whole ball it gives the batter the correct part of the ball to hit without the fear of hitting a tee.  I strongly encourage you to try out Hit Zone for you to realize your own benefits.”

Michael Cuddyer
Former MLB Slugger &
2 Time MLB All Star

“The Hit Zone is one of the best training tools for hitters that I have used during my coaching career. Your eyes play a pivotal role in hitting and using the Hit Zone assists in this process. It forces the hitter to focus on the moving ball, creating a more realistic drill.


Chris McKnight

Former Collegiate Head Coach, VP of Baseball, Tuckahoe Sports Inc.


"The Hit Zone is a revolutionary invention that will help hitters of all ages create and maintain good swing habits. I highly recommend it!"

Raul Ibanez

Pro Baseball Slugger

"My son Elijah works hard at his game and has increased his skills with the Hit Zone."

Frankie Rodriguez

Former MLB Pitcher

"When it comes to training elite level athletes, the Hit Zone is the most sport specific piece of equipment in its class and the only one I recommend to my athletes."

Dr. David R. Holmes


I can not thank you enough for what the Hit Zone has done and is doing for my 2 high school boys and for my traveling team.  The look in the players eyes says it all.  They are being challenged and are having fun at the same time.  The level of concentration is raised along with the players eye hand coordination. The Hit Zone is a great developmental hitting tool for all ages.  Players just flock to it as soon as we turn it on.


Don Gaylord
Eagan Traveling Baseball Coach


"The Hit Zone has put the fun in fundamentals.  My son was already tired of hitting off an old fashion tee. Now it's an exciting part of our daily routine.  Not only is it a serious training tool, but it is also a fun family activity for us.  It has been the best investment we have made in our son's baseball future.  Money well spent!"


Kevin H.

McAlester, OK


I am the P.E. teacher for my school.  The kids love the Hit Zone tees.  I set them up and use them for striking with bats (kids had a blast!). Next I will be setting them up for use with my tennis unit."


Jon J



"Daelyn is out hitting off of his new Hit Zone Jr every day.  He loves how the ball floats and moves around and doesn't just sit there.  With the ball moving around, his hand eye coordination as drastically increased!  Before every game he'll put in 30 minutes on the Hit Zone and his batting average shows its paying off! 


The best part about the Hit Zone is that he enjoys hitting off of it.  You don't have to make him go practice because he's already there!"


Daelyn's Grandpa

"Next Level baseball coaching loves the Hit Zone! There is no better tool to help players develop their eye hand coordination.  No matter the age - from 7 years old to our college players - everyone thinks the Hit Zone is great!"


Cindy & Brian Kazan - Owners

Next Level Baseball Coaching

Mequon, WI


Owen absolutely loves the new Hit Zone air tee. Every morning his first question is  - "Can I have candy?"  So that hasn't changed, but immediately after that, all he wants to do is hit balls off the Hit Zone.  In just 2 days, I can see dramatic improvement in his weight distribution and ability to drive through the ball.  This thing is wonderful".


Dennis O. Rumshas, CRIS

"I recommend the Hit Zone for anyone who is looking to "groove" their ideal swing path and get a better understanding of what their body is doing during each swing.  The Hit Zone has been fantastic with our kids! Both kids and pros alike love what it brings to the lessons and everyone is looking for a way to incorporate it into what they are doing.


I recommend the Hit Zone for anyone who is looking to "groove" their ideal swing path and get a better understanding of what their body is doing during each swing"

Click Here For Q&A With Elliott

Elliott Pettit

Ten & Under Tennis Program Lead

USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center

"I find the Hit Zone to be a great product and have recommended it to other coaches.  We use it regularly within our Teddy Tennis Program. I also use with my beginner to novice/intermediate level players. The Hit Zone is great to use if you are focusing on technique on line up to the contact point.

The Hit Zone is by far the best teaching aid to help a player develop proper stances, spatial awareness to the contact point, and proper swing paths.

Our Teddy Tennis program uses the Hit Zone daily.  The children, aged 2 1/2 - 6 remain focused on the ball and refer to the Hit Zone as the "Magic Machine"  The children and the Coaches just love using the Hit Zone.  Having the ball "floating" lets a player swing on their terms, when they are ready, and never having to rush a swing. This enables proper technique to develop much more quickly.

I highly recommend the Hit Zone!"

Click Here For Hit Zone Q&A With Chris

Christopher Pucci

USPTA, PTR Certified Tennis Professional

General Manager of the Tri-State Teddy Tennis 

CourtSense Coach, Tenafly, NJ

The Hit Zone Deluxe is a "Must Have" tool for teaching new and intermediate students the proper technique on hitting a tennis ball CORRECTLY.   I use it in conjunction with hitting balls to them, but every lesson begins with warming up using the Hit Zone.

In addition to its design to allow students to hit a suspended in mid air ball without fear of damaging their racket, I especially like the variable speed dial that allows me to adjust the height of the ball; not only for students of different heights, but to allow them to get comfortable hitting balls at different heights.

I believe its the best training it's the best training aid on the market and is the tool to get for both instructors and parents to teach tennis.


I am a PTR certified tennis instructor working in a USTA Early Development Training center pilot program. One of the traditional methods to teach students proper feet positioning and racket contact point is to position students next to an orange cone with a tennis ball sitting on top of it. After seeing a student hitting the cone and knocking it over, I wondered if anyone has had ever thought of developing a product as revolutionary as the Hit Zone.  As soon as I discovered the Hit Zone, I knew the Hit Zone would be an invaluable teaching aid!

The Hit Zone will handle the quick start balls (except for red), making it ideal for teaching even the youngest players proper foot positioning and tennis racket to ball contact point.  The kids who I had hitting balls from the Hit Zone were very focused and having a great time.

Stuart Cobb

PTR Certified Tennis Professional
Cardio Tennis Certified Professional


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