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Hit Zone Deluxe - Floats A Real Baseball In Mid-Air!

Hit Zone Deluxe W/ Variable Speed Control Model B3-HZBV

The Hit Zone Deluxe air tee is a great unit or teams, camps, and training facilities. At the same time, a lot of parents buy this unit for the added power and flexibility the air volume control gives them.

The Deluxe unit has a 4 HP motor with a control knob that allows you to adjust the power of the air flow.  Especially when using lighter training balls, you are able to adjust the height of the ball up and down about 6-9 inches. There is not as much of a difference
when using heavier balls as you have to turn up the air to begin with.

As with the Standard unit, you can also change the "look of the pitch" by using the bonus 14.5 inch sleeve, varying the way you place the ball onto the air stream and by using a variety of different balls.

Hit Zone Deluxe baseball battin tee
You Can Now Hit A Real Baseball With
The Hit Zone Deluxe!

We discovered something really cool!

We tried putting a real baseball on the Deluxe unit and turning the air flow up full blast. The baseball would just bounce up and down. The air flowing around all sides of the ball were just not enough to elevate the real baseball.

We discovered that if you held the Hit Zone at a slight angle, a real baseball would work great! What happens is that now the air stream flows under and supports the baseball. The ball gets spinning really fast.

When using the 2 piece hard ball kit, ff you find that the ball floats a little too high for your player, you can use only one of the curved pieces. To make up for the lost angle created when using 2 pieces, you just need to put the spare piece under the corner of the plate.

A wide range of balls work
great on the Hit Zone Deluxe.

Watch the video for a sampling.

Feel free to try your own!


The Hit Zone Deluxe Comes With:
  • 1 Dozen High Quality Plastic Dimpled Balls
  • Hard Ball Kit

Technical Specs:
HIT ZONE "DELUXE PLUS" Baseball Practice Tee with  VARIABLE CONTROL. Body Of Steel 
Power Unit Assembled with 1200 Watt, Twin Fan, 4.0 PHP, 120 Volt Motor, and 12' Grounded Power Cord Produces 130 CFM. Includes: Home Plate, 12 Dimpled Plastic Practice Balls and Fabric  Sleeve w/Hose Clamp.

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