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Baseball Practice Is Fun Again
With The Hit Zone Air Tee!

The Hit Zone air powered practice tee is an incredible training tool for baseball, softball & Tee ball. Kids feel they "graduated" from the
tee after Tee ball, yet even the pros practice their swing on a tee daily. 

The new tee-less design eliminates the
anxiety a lot of players have when it comes
to hitting on a traditional tee. They no longer have to worry about hitting the tee and
knocking it over.

Our system utilizes a special sleeve on which
the ball hovers above. If you hit the sleeve -
no big deal - your bat swings right through it and the sleeve pops right back up! You can
also practice solo, as you do not need a pitcher.

The Hit Zone air powered batting tee is fun and challenging! The use of different types of balls and changing the way you put the ball on the  Hit Zone practice tee results in giving the batter a number of different looks. We have coaches who use colored  "jump house" balls on the Hit Zone air tee and they are able to put 2 different colors on at once. They then tell the batter to hit one of the 2 colors. It's a great drill to keep the player focused.

And best of all - the Hit Zone tee is fun!

Four Reasons Why The Hit Zone Tee Is The Ultimate Batting Tee
According To Former Slugger & Hitting Instructor Jamie Ogden


Benefits Of The Hit Zone  Air Suspension Tee:
  • The Hit Zone air tee makes practice fun again!

  • The ball is suspended in air - no worries about hitting the tee!

  • Swing right through the sleeve, you'll hardly notice it's there!

  • You can practice by yourself - No one has to pitch balls to you!

  • Light weight and compact - making it easy to bring everywhere.

  • Spinning and movement of ball replicate a real live pitch.

Softball Players Love The Hit Zone Air Tee!

The Hit Zone is a great training tool for
softball players! My daughter played for
her local high school softball team and
the community 16U traveling fastpitch
team. The girls loved when I brought the
Hit Zone to practice!

When the girls come to the Hit Zone
station, I bet I can strike them out!
I have a variety of balls in the bucket. 
Depending on how the the ball is placed
on to the air tee or the type of ball used,
they get a little different look with each
"pitch". The girls can't just go through the 
motions like they do on a standard tee -
they really have to pay attention! It's
not unusual to get a strike or two on

I'll take a look over at the tee station
and the girls are 
often chatting, texting,
and goofing around. The players 
are lined
up waiting for their opportunity to hit
on the 
Hit Zone!

  • The Wirth & Jugs wiffle softballs works well

     on all 3 units.

  • Lite-Flite softballs works great on the
    Standard and the Deluxe units.

  • The Jugs mini softball practice balls are fun

     to use on the Deluxe unit.

A Variety Of Softball Practice Balls Work
Well On The Hit Zone Air Tees!

Read What A Softball Coach Has To Say!

"The Hit Zone air tee is the best softball training
aid I have purchased in over 25 years of coaching
softball. With a regular baseball batting tee, the
ball is always in the exact same spot. With the air
tee, the ball is always moving a little bit, just like
a real pitch. Players learn to watch the ball all the
way to the bat. 

The Hit Zone practice tee is also great for teaching 
right handed batters to hit the inside pitch to the
left field and the outside pitch to right field and
vice versa for the lefties. The number one reason
I love the Hit Zone air tee is that the players think
it is FUN! As a coach I know I will always get more
out of my players when they are enjoying

Sean Hall
Director of Minnesota Sting Fastpitch Club
Head Coach at Lakeville North High School

Softball Hit Zone air tee
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