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Welcome To The Official Home Of The Hit Zone Air Powered Batting Tee!

The Revolutionary New Training Tool 

For Baseball, Softball, Tee Ball & Tennis Training

Watch What Happens When
The Bat Hits The Tee!

We are excited to introduce the revolutionary new training device called the Hit Zone air tee! It takes the age old primitive training of hitting off of a tee and brings it into the 21st century.

Supporting the ball on a cushion of air, you can practice as if the ball is frozen in mid-air.  The air keeps the ball spinning as if still in a forward trajectory, thus allowing the player to analyze the reaction of the ball when it's struck.

The Hit Zone motorized air tee utilizes a fabric sleeve to deliver the stream of air.  If your bat or racket hits the "tee" - no big deal - they will swing right through it!  Its a great confidence builder not having to worry about knocking over the tee.

Whether you are training for tennis, softball, tee ball, or baseball, no other training aid provides the unique experience of the Hit Zone air powered practice tee.

Softball air tee in action!

"As someone who has studied the many varieties of hitting tees, and based on a study done at the University of MD Human Performance Department, I feel that the Hit Zone device is superior to that of any conventional tee.  The study concluded that conventional tees may be more prone to creating an uppercut.


The Hit Zone offers a superior visual position of a ball and may produce a better swing path to the ball.


Harvey Ratner

HRA Sports Vision

A Multi-Sport Training Aid!

  • Baseball   

  • Softball

  • Tee Ball

  • Tennis

  • Pickle Ball

  • & More!

Perfect For:

  • Teams  

  • Training Facilities

  • Private Lessons

  • Clubs

  • Associations

  • & More!

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