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The Hit Zone Standard Baseball & Softball Air Tee
Is The Perfect Training Aid For Your Ball Player!


Hit Zone Standard Model HZ-1B

This is a great unit for younger players up through adults. If you have a kids that range in age from young to teens, this is a good unit to cover all the bases. The ball might float a little too high for real young kids, but for 5-7 years olds, you should be fine. You can also use a little heavier ball
for young kids since it will float lower.

Although this unit has a fixed speed, you can vary the height and the look of

the "pitch" a few different ways. It comes with a 9" sleeve, but we will also include a bonus 14.5 inch sleeve. This makes it easy to practice at a couple of different heights. We also recommend that you have a few
different types of balls in your practice bucket. Depending on the type of ball and the weight, they will float at different heights and also react a little differently.

Lastly, you can experiment with how you put the ball onto the Hit Zone. You can drop it down into the air and it will bounce up and down, you can put a spin on it, or
you can place it into the air stream with no spin for a knuckle ball effect.

The Standard unit weighs about 7 pounds and easily fits into an equipment bag, making it easy to bring to the park, a friends home, or the cabin. You just need to be able to plug it in to a 110V outlet.
Be sure to use a GFI protected outlet outdoors.


Includes A Dozen Balls!

Tee Practice Can Be Fun!

After T-Ball, players often feel they've graduated from the "tee".


Our revolutionary new air tee puts the fun back into practice!  The ball floating in mid air creates a fun challenge for them.  The ball spins and moves a little, creating the look and feel of a real pitch.

Set up a net in the backyard or 
basement during the winter and your player will have fun practicing for hours and hours!

A number of lighter weight training balls work great on the Hit Zone Standard! Please see the video on the right.

In addition to the dozen high quality dimpled training balls that come with your Hit Zone, it's a great idea to have a bucket and include a wide variety of balls.  Balls of different sizes and weights will all react a little differently on the Hit Zone. 

Your player will need to keep their eye on the ball 
and stay focused or they might just miss the ball. No more just going through the motions like they typically do on the standard tee!

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